Sunday, August 29, 2010

and just like that... my runnin' days were over and i went home to alabama...

rifts happen. changes happen. i am not sure if anyone knows the whole story. i wonder if anyone EVER knows the whole story of any story.

this short blog has been private because i just wanted to document for myself the journey i took unexpectedly into organized religion and into volunteer public speaking. i was touched by a spirit that seemed to have been waiting for me. i just wanted to remember. i wanted to look back and remember. remember the feeling coming over me when inspiration actually would flood my senses. as my bare feet felt the floor under the cross once more today... one last time, i realized that this "history" didn't belong just to me. it belongs to everyone who witnessed, who participated, who cried, who laughed, who understood, who sat quietly listening and perhaps took something home to find something later that might have been relevant to them. and to all of us who have begun the grieving process of losing a community we loved so very much. so i dedicate this blog to the loving hearts of the UCC Contemporary service. walk with God my friends, you will be in my heart forever.

Today I said goodbye...

One more time, I stand barefoot below this cross-surrounded by a circle of some of the dearest people I have ever known.

2 years ago, I was content to sit on my couch and believe I was going to hell. I had made my peace with it. But my partner Gina hadn't quite given up her own search for spiritual significance in her life. She chose this church, I didn't want her to go alone so I came with her. But seriously, I was really just going for the beer and peanuts.

But God touched me here. I owe Gina so much for bringing me on her journey, putting me in my right place at my right time.

I know that our feelings about our services are as diverse and unique as we are as individuals. But one thing I know is that we will all make our paths forward, with integrity, mirroring the peace and the love of Christ.


that though the radiance which was once so bright
be now forever taken from my sight.
though nothing can bring back the hour

of splendor in the grass or glory in the flower
we grieve not, but rather
find strength in what remains behind...

william wordsworth